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Stephen Semprevivo Recommended Best Startup Books: The Lean Startup

There are countless books on starting your own business. Many are quite good, and many are not and can be quite long. Stephen Semprevivo as an entrepreneur and business consultant is often asks for advice on the best books to read that can help budding entrepreneurs.

One of Stephen Semprevivo’s favorite startup books that is also a best seller is The Lean Startup by Eric Reis.

Stephen feels that The Lean Startup clearly articulates many concepts that successful startups have been using for years and puts them into a simple framework that is easy to understand. The author also gives a number of good examples that help entrepreneurs understand the two core concept of accelerating their business quickly and cheaply.


Build, Measure, Learn Cycle

The first concept is that of the BUILD, MEASURE, LEARN cycle. This concept states that entrepreneurs should create very simple hypotheses about their business like “People will shop online for modular homes” then BUILD a simple product that allows them MEASURE if that hypothesis is correct. Based on what they MEAUSURE, they should LEARN something (was the hypothesis correct or not) and then BUILD their next iteration of the product that may test an expanded or new hypothesis.

Stephen Semprevivo Best Startup Books Build Measure Learn Cycle

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The second concept in the LEAN Startup is that of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This concept says that the BUILD part of your product should be as simple and as quick as you can make it and still proved out (or disprove) your hypotheses.

Let’s take the hypotheses from above “People will shop online for modular homes.”  Using the MVP concept, we wouldn’t build a whole site and factor before we launch. Instead we may survey people who are shopping for homes and ask them if they would build a modular home online and why. If we LEARN from this survey that the people said they would shop online, our next BUILD may be to create a simple website/landing page without any true product behind but asking people to sign up for information on modular homes. Based on learning from this BUILD you would continue to iterate.


Stephen Semprevivo Best Startup Books - MVP

Learn More

Stephen Semprevivo likes The Lean Start Up because as you can see the concepts behind the book are quite simple. If you are still not sure if you want to invest the time in reading the book Semprevivo recommends you watch the YouTube video of Eric Reis presenting his concepts at Google’ offices to a group of Googlers. (Click Here for Video)

If you like the video, Stephen Semprevivo recommends you either read the book (Lean Startup Amazon Link) or listen to it on Audible. That is one of the best startup books to read in 2021.

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