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Stephen Semprevivo | Business Consultant

Stephen Semprevivo is a business consultant based in Los Angeles, California. His focus in on helping entrepreneurs build their businesses.  He is constantly looking for new ways to mentor and help startup companies for the greater good. 

Do you have an startup idea for a business? Are you thinking through a few ideas and want to test some things out before you dive in? Are you studying business with the goal of starting your own business some day? Business Consultant Stephen Semprevivo wants to reward your accomplishments! He is now accepting applications for his startup scholarships.

Apply now for the 2021 Startup Ideas with Stephen Semprevivo Startup Scholarship. 

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Stephen Semprevivo Business Consultant – Startup Scholarship 

Being an entrepreneur and creating your own start-up is not easy. Business Consultant, Stephen Semprevivo, believes that entrepreneurship must be encouraged. There are many ups and downs in the road to success.  Often the most difficult thing for entrepreneurs it to get started. There are so many questions to answer and lots of directions to go. Stephen Semprevivo has mentored hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs throughout his career. In Stephen’s view, the entrepreneur’s mentality of perseverance is exactly what the professional world needs. As an entrepreneur himself, he is constantly looking to support and encourage others to join the community. 


These scholarships will be awarded to students who are currently pursuing an interest in starting their own business! Weather you are starting the next big tech innovation or a local retail operation the Stephen Semprevivo Startup scholarship could be for you. There is no set type of business so all entrepreneurs are welcome.  If you feel as though you deserve the scholarship , you may  apply directly here . In order to be considered for this scholarship, you must be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university.  This scholarship is intended for gamers thriving on and offline.

To apply for a scholarship for your 2021 startup ideas, all you have to do is write two short essay detailing your business idea and why you feel it will be successful. Explain how your experiences have shaped you as a future entrepreneur and as a student. These awards are intended for students who live and breathe for their startup business. Explain how your business idea  has or will impacted your life and the lives of others.   Tell us your personal story!

Volunteer Work & Philanthropy

Fortunate enough to enjoy a successful career and happy, healthy personal life,  Stephen Semprevivo is also an active volunteer and philanthropist and is eager to help those in need gain access to tools and resources that will allow them to lead their own happy and successful lives. Over the years, he was pleased to find out that many other individuals were working to do the same through a wide range of charities and nonprofit organizations helping individuals and families all across the world.

Taking his passions for mentoring young entrepreneurs,  helping startups, and technology Semprevivo  has stepped up as a community leader showing support and raising awareness for many related charities and organizations.   

Some of his favorite charities, groups, and events related to entrepreneurship include:

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Stephen Semprevivo is an avid vlogger in the areas of Startups, Career Management and Small and Medium size Company Strategy. Here are some of his featured Vlogs:

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Startup Events – Recommendations from Stephen Semprevivo Business Consultant

Stephen Semprevivo Recommended Events - EventBrite

FREE EVENTS FOR STARTUPS AND SMALL BUSINESS: Most cities have a large number of free events and networking for entrepreneurs and small business owners. A good source for this is Eventbrite. Here is a link to a page they have on  Santa Monica Startup Events and another one to a page on  Los Angeles Small Business Owner Events Page. You can modify the link for different market. These link shows only the Free events.

Stephen Semprevivo Recomended Events - Small Business Expo

THE SMALL BUSINESS EXPO: This is a national event which is hosted in a number of cities throughout the country. It is free to small business owners and a great opportunity to learn and network. Here is more information on the event and the schedule city by city.



Stephen Semprevivo Recommended Events - Small Business Saturday

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAYS: This is a national event in honor of small businesses and startups that started in 2011. Learn more at:



Learn more about these unique and awesome charities on their respective pages on this site ! There are many ways to get involved in these charities as well as charities that relate to your own special interests and passions.